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My Philosophy

Renée has a unique holistic approach to addressing patient conditions. 


Renée believes that while supporting the person's physical wellness with naturopathic medicines, restoring balance to their emotional wellbeing is also essential for achieveing long standing, unabating health outcomes.

Renee's 10 years experience as a Flower Essence therapist gives her an intuitive edge on how to match flower remedy with the patient's dis-ease picture and emotional imbalance. 

Renee admires those who step up to commence their healing journey as she knows it takes courage.  With Renee you may have to prepare yourself for some home truths.  Like the Grandmothers she takes care in reminding her patients of the simple things they may have neglected or forgotten.  Those non-physical aspects of yourself that have fallen by the way side can be revitalised with the meticulous application of flower essences.

"Bush Flower Essences are powerful catalysts for helping people heal themselves"

~ Ian White ~

Renee understands that most physical illness is the end result of emotional imbalance so she is delicate and diligent in using flower essences to dissolve problematic emotional layers, soothe heart incoherence and address those underlying negative belief patterns that sustain the dis-ease. 

"People are conditioned to look for change outside themselves yet change is an inside job.  The transformation begins within."

~ RB Essences ~

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