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Holistic Wellness Talks with Renée: Flower Essences - For therapeutic use in clinic settings and the home.

Updated: Jan 30


Sunday February 11th, 10am – 12pm

Cost: $40 pp

"Bring a Friend" Special: $30 pp

Studio Address – 1st fl., 77 Bellwood St., Darra 4076 QLD

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Renée is a Bachelor-qualified Naturopath and practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  She takes a unique holistic approach to patient care, addressing both physical and emotional well-being.

Renée utilizes naturopathic medicines, herbal tinctures and nutritional awareness to support physiological function and wellness. When underlying emotional imbalances are recognised as a barrier for a patient accomplishing their treatment goal, she will introduce the application of Bush Flower Essences to address the emotional barrier.  

There are 70 Australian Bush Flower Essences each one addressing a specific emotional theme or issue.  The essences are energetic remedies that restore vitality and vibrational balance to the individual by clearing negative beliefs in the subconscious. If emotional blocks and imbalances are left unresolved, they may endeavour to cause physical dis-ease and distress for the individual.    Flower Essences are NOT to take the place of or be used instead of prescribed medications or supplements.  However, they are safe to use ALONGSIDE medications and supplements and effective in complementing the qualities of allopathic, homeopathic and chiropractic modalities. 

​With her extensive experience as a Flower Essence therapist spanning over 10 years, Renée has developed an intuitive understanding of how to match flower remedies with a patient's specific dis-ease picture and emotional imbalance.  Adding to this, more than 15 years involvement in the natural health industry, has exposed Renée to a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions which she has treated using a blend of prescribed naturopathic medicines and bespoke flower essence remedies.


This month, Renée will be providing in-depth insights into Australian Bush Flower Essences, highlighting their unique qualities, and discuss the way in which the essences work to clear the subconscious blocks, why they are so effective, how they can be incorporated into your holistic wellness program for progressive change.   


All attendees receive a complimentary Flower Essence blend with THREE ESSENCES of their choice.

PLUS enter a draw for a private 60-minute Flower Essence therapy session with Renée.   (valued at $105)


Renée is available for private consultations at her home clinic for

·        Naturopathy

·        Flower Essence Therapy

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