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"The Grandmothers"

I'm Renée, a proud Torres Strait Islander (TSI) First Nations woman born and raised in Cairns, Queensland. I stem from age-old Melanesian traditions of food, family and culture.  These represent the sacred threads that weave the tapestry of our Torres Strait Islander communities.  For thousands of years, oral literature was our ancestors way of passing down plant knowledge, recipes for food, medicines and traditional healing practises.  Much of the knowledge passed to me came through my Grandmothers.  The Grandmothers were the healers, the soothers and the menders of all things broken.  They had a way of peering into you and seeking out the brokenness.  

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Are you unclear of your purpose?  What has broken your heart?  Have you forgotten your place on the tapestry?

The Grandmothers teachings reminded you of such things so you would understand to seek for resolution within. For Indigenous cultures the emphasis is always on connection.

Connection to family, community & language, connection to land, song & dance, connection to heart, connection to purpose. 

Connection to you.

If you were with dis-ease, meant you were dis-connected from all the above. 

If you had lost your way, the Grandmothers reminded you of this connection.  This was your passage home and the way to fix what was broken on the inside, spiritually.  Anything that remained to be physically mended or emotionally soothed came through Grandma’s cooking, home-made remedies and her unconditional tender love & care.

My purpose to facilitate healing in people is innate, a skill that I was apprentice to from a young age.  I did not know it then but these teachings throughout my life was my initiation into the world of healers and Naturopathy. 

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